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About XLr8 Andhra Pradesh

In support of the initiative of The State of Andhra Pradesh to create a world-class technology innovation ecosystem, the Global Commercialization Group of the IC2 Institute at TheUniversity of Texas at Austin, in concert with FICCI, is launching a world-class global accelerator at Tirupati.

The primary objective of the accelerator is to foster a culture of innovation in the SunriseState of Andhra Pradesh. The accelerator will aim to increase knowledge, wealth and employment in the State and beyond.

The initiative is multi-faceted, and includes training, advanced capacity-building for innovators and entrepreneurs, incubation and acceleration of tech companies into the global marketplace, mobilization of venture capital and access to the extensive global commercial development networks of both FICCI and the University of Texas at Austin.

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Cohort-1 (Sep 2016-Jan2017) Company Details

S. No Innovator Company Name Permanent Jobs Temporary Jobs Interns Innovation
1Dr. Venkata Ravi Kumar Banda XCyton Diagnostics Pvt Ltd5  World's first pathogen detection system that simultaneously detects all probable causative agents of Critical infections - Bacteria, fungi, RNA viruses, DNA viruses and parasites - in a single patient sample in a single test with a processing time of 7 hours.
2Mohan KandaswamyOriental Aquamarine Biotech India Pvt Ltd2  Nitrifying Bioreactor technology for Re-circulating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) achieving optimum levels of nitrogenous compounds in water, and prevents Nitrate buildup
3Sameer PandaTycheeJuno Speciality Tyres Pvt Ltd12 5BPPC tyreprevents tyrebursts, cures puncture, balances tyre in dynamic condition, increases life and marginally increases fuel efficiency (3%).
4Dr.Shivraj Dasari S.L.S.Cell Cure Technologies Private Limited  3Ethically and scientifically explore the full potential of MolecularDiagnostics& Regenerative medicine through cell therapies.
5Antony AlappattMasterkube Software Products and Services Pvt Ltd5 3Software platform that delivers complex workflow processes seamlessly & securely, connecting people and devices in real-time. Easy to learn, improves software productivity by 50% and reduces defects
6Krishna RaviReckon Green Innovations Pvt Ltd   LED tube lights, with plug-in end caps, to reduce retrofit time by 90% and electricity load by 65%, extending life by 85%
7Mr.Gulam Mohamed ArifPhyto Specialities Pvt Ltd2  A formulation for treating non-healing ulcers, such as diabetic ulcers, based on phyto active principles, made from safe herbal ingredients, applied externally.
8Mr. Srihari KotelaeFresh Agribusiness Solutions (P) Ltd85 Facilitating reduced agri input costs, improved farm productivity, natural resources conservation, compliance with climate changes and market linkages for rural population through digital technology.
9Sundara Rajan SampathJanani Foods Private Limited 200 Physical and IT infrastructure for horticulture and spice crops, providing value from farm to processing to market.
10Satyanarayana.NVMegasoft Ltd   Finds and retrieves the stolen communication devices like Smart phones, Laptops, Tablets etc., without the help of the Law enforcement authorities.
11Chanchal DassDass Oil Field Technology Pvt Ltd   Innovative oil and gas production technology that assists with highest efficiency oil production, oil production by 50%, and reducing field development costs by 25%
12Saswat Kumar PandaLearnitude Technologies Pvt. Ltd   Efficient ERP for SME, and product development for start-ups.
13Sudhir Reddy RebalaRominguard    Bio pest repellent solution for post-harvest applications in food packaging, storage and transportation.
14Hemanth SatyanarayanaImaginate    NuSpace is a 3D remote collaboration platform that emulates real world interaction, using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality technologies in training, planning and other applications.
15Giridhar Raju N MElectric Mobility   Clean energy electric mobility solution
16Aroop Kumar DuttaExCel Matrix Biological Devices (P) Ltd   A rapidly deployable primary wound care device to handle all wounds effectively on-site.
17Suresh MunuswamyPHFI   AUTOMETRY automates measurement of height, weight and BMI, from new born to elderly, gender-independent. Automates nutrition-based wellness and clinical services
18Ajay KumarDevlok   A thrilling experience of God's creation, a mystical experience, an adventurous expedition. Devlok: A divine world, truly the abode of happiness.
19Toms K ThomasOlive Touch Health Care Services Limited / iDecide   iDecide is an Android-based mobile phone application, providing an easy, secure and low cost way to manage patient health information.
20Hariharan PVAgro-Biogenics (Clean-Tech) Pvt Ltd   Biomass engineered composites that allow villagers to make hybridized bamboo structures for carrying load.
21T N Sreenivas Exafluence  Pvt ltd12  Building 360 degrees Customer view and RWE platforms, using big data, analytics and IOT latest technologies.
22VijayanNeuecotechs   Unique home garden and composting solution.
23Mr. Hardik H Sanghvi VMukti Solutions Pvt Ltd   IoT Cloud Video Streaming and Surveillance, with state-of-the-art smart cloud camera offerings. They offer IoT video platform licensing and indoor/outdoor smart cloud cameras.
24Sandeep MenonRiver-Tide   In the RiVER pedagogy in primary education being developed by the Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources (RiVER)
25Nitin ChavanOctapace Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd   Octapace, foam-controlling technology, is an innovative solution tothe problem of foam in industrial processes. Reduces or eliminates antifoam usage.

Cohort-2 (Feb 2016-Jan 2017) Company Details

S. No Innovator Company Name Permanent Jobs Temporary Jobs Interns Innovation
1Nitin ChavanOctapace Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.   Patented de-foaming process, requiring no noxious chemicals
2Nikunj ParasharSagar Defence Engineering Private Limited    Unmanned Marine Vehicle Control
3Hari Muralidhar PVSZraddhaa Information Services Pvt. Ltd  3Global Cyber security services that provides comprehensive cost effective Information Security and Privacy solutions & Services to financial companies and businesses that need to comply with regulations and policies.
4Aditi ChadhaDAZL   DAZL-Fashion Jewellery with IoT
5Srikanth CherukuruIDOS INDIA PVT LTD2 2IDOS is a accounting software which is very simple to use
6Venu PolineniTelluris Biotech India Private Limited   Development of a new generation of nematicides: Cocktails to effectively target root knot nematodes.
7Rajeev RanjanAGpulse Private Limited   Ayurvedic Pesticide
8Sowjanya/Rama Prasad AkkineniSowjanya healthcare solutions1515 Organic Disposable Shaving Brush
9Satish Vishnu PathakSamiep Technology Innovations Pvt. Ltd.   Digital Controlled Precise Dispensing Valve for Liquids under Gravity Flow
10Anil Kumar guptaA.K.Diabetic Herbal Pvt Ltd   Enhancement in the yield of ethanol using iron nano particles
11K Chandra PrakashSiva Kameswari Coir Industries   Coir Composite Board
12P.M.MurugesanM/s Rope Production Centre   Low cost banana rope spining machine
13Dr.Lakshmi VVCompany yet to register   Organic manure from bird feathers
14Prabhakar DKSAdvaanced Biotech Research Projects   Doubling Agricultural Productivity assuring Food Security
15Golla DayamouniDAYAfeeds   This is the novel product for feeding cattle
16N P Komala RaveendraCompany yet to register   Planning to design easy and effective ways of learning methodologies and Imparting communication skills in English to the Rural folk. Our team is working on to build Artificial intelligence (AI) tools focusing on language acquisition habits and patterns.
17Renu Sarath babu VegesnaVegesna Biosolutions   Nutri Bran Erinched Biotech Solution for feed Industry
18K.Jagajjanani Rao Company yet to register   Towards Smart Nanofabrics: Green Route Economical Reinforcement of Cloth Fibres with Nanoparticles for Special Applications
19Chanchal DassDass Scientific Research Labs Private Limited   Dass Center of Excellence in Mathematics
20Suresh AvvaruTownyApp   Mobile App for hyper-local social network to avail services like food delivery, groceries, medicines and movie tickets.
21Sundeep KCompany yet to register   Wifi, IEEE 802.11.We sell products for a wide range of customers which offer social, green and paperless marketing.
22S. ChaitraMakeYourFit Pvt Ltd   Augmenting Virtual Reality (VR) technology for custom fit fashion.
23G.Vimal KumarVirus Stopper Antivirus Software   Providing Antivirus to SUNRISE STATE OF ANDHRA PRADESH
24Tarangini KorumilliCompany yet to register   Novel Green Anti-dandruff Formulation Idea with Active Nanosilve
25S Sneha ChowdaryCompany yet to register   Android/ iOS application for goods on wheels