Disruption List

Oxytech Reclamation system has been supported by APIS by connecting this venture to Municipal & Administration Department, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation department. Through a follow up by APIS this enterprise is now getting support from these departments & hence it shows how a proper support like APIS provided can boost the innovation ecosystem

Name : Mr Renu Sarath Babu contact number 9177893456

Similarly a startup TJ tyres has been supported by APIS by connecting them, to police department. He as supported by APIS team members to get Pollution control certificate & Electricity transformer within short period . As a joint effort this startup started manufacturing tyres in the state of Andhra Pradesh & employed 15 personnel as of now & intend to create an employment of 45 by Dec 2018

Name : Mr Sameer Panda contact number 7083633621

Another example we would like to share is Sowjanya Health care solutions, which is women led startup makes organic shvauing brush from banana fibres .They have been connected to Endowment Department & Tourism Corporation, Medical & health Department. Because of APIS efforts they have got orders from Tourism Department, Govt of Andhra Pradesh .Discussion with Endowment Department has also reached to the final stage .

Name : Mr Prasad contact number 9398412173

Nammam Traders (Pole Climbers): This a a novel innovation which assists the electrics line helpers to climb the pole. APIS connected this startup to AP TRANSCO( Electricity Department ) . As a result CMD AP TRANSCO has decided to give bulk orders to this startup throughout the state

Name Mr Tirupathi Rao contact number 9133611364

ZocketHub : An IOT based startup public addressing system : APIS referred this startup for pilot project to West Godavari District Collector . The department have issued pilot order for this startup

Name Mr Aditya contact number 8143753269

SmartR : This startup is being connected to School Education department . APIS team is playing a prominent role

Name Mr L Praveen contact number 9010567803

Swasti Agro Biotech : This startup is being supported by APIS to use their pesticides in the state of Andhra Pradesh ( Department : Agriculture ). Name : Dr Abhay Shende Contact Number 9822059080